Cool, Cool, Kohli !

Srinivas Nyapathy Writes:                                                   March 13, 2012

Srilanka are beaten and handsomely at that ,by India, led by two Delhi boys, Kohli and Gambhir and India seem to be back to their old winning ways . Playing in the sub continent, for the Indians, is like a student writing an exam with the answers in front of him. Two centuries from the top order , a total of 300 plus , an effective and entertaining innings in the slog overs, couple of bowlers also chipping in, to take crucial wickets . Fielding so sharp that you end up thinking, is this the same team, that was in England not too long ago and a few were called “donkeys”, by a mediocre former England captain.

After those stunning catches and ease with which Indian bowlers dominated the Srilankans, I turned to my colleague and said “ Everything goes to a plan, when we play  in the sub continent”, He retorted sarcastically, “even abroad it goes as per plans, but for the opposition..”

While Virat is going from strength to strength, 6 centuries in the last one year, the most anticipated one still deserts India, Sachin’s ton, the Hundredth. Against Srilanka, yesterday,  Sachin got out to a slow full toss, which he completely mis –read, he got out for a meager 6. Times of India / Times Now still carry a news item everytime Sachin goes out to bat and gets out,  that he missed the 100th.  When someone in the top order, gets out for 6 or doesn’t get a hundred in a year, hes not missing a hundred, he’s actually trying to justify his position in the team. Ofcourse in Sachin’s case its different, he’s a legendary batsman, and has played quite a few innings of substance in the last year, though failing to get to that coveted figure.

The rise of Virat Kohli at a time when “The Wall” has called it a day, is very heartening from Indian point of view. Ofcourse, its early to say he belongs to the same league as the Sachin, Dravid and Laxman. In that win against Srilanka Virat Kohli, completed his 10th hundred in 83 ODIs, averaging a sound 48.42.

It also speaks of the young ,  aggressive, Virat Kohli , coming of age as a player, that he scored this hundred immediately after being made the vice captain.Virat being made the vice captiain was something that did not go too well with many experts , who felt its an injustice to senior pro Gautham Gambhir. I am sure when he went out to bat, Virat surely had it at at the back of his mind that he had a thing or two to prove. Prove, he did and the fact  that he partnered with Gauti himself to take India to a massive score shows that these two put the team ahead of themselves and that augurs well for the future.



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