UPA, surviving an opposition from within

Srinivas  Nyapathy  Writes                                                     March 31, 2012     

Today the UPA seems to be finding a larger opposition within its own coalition than outside.

Barely a week passes by without one party or the other from the UPA threatening to pull out of the coalition or create a situation where the top leadership is feverishly engaged in emergency meetings to tide over a fresh crisis within the coalition, which directly has immense adverse impact on the performance of the government resulting in policy paralysis.

Experts even say the UPA has now adopted paralysis as a policy to survive at the helm till 2014 elections. Many policies and changes that were to be brought in by the UPA have met with serious objections from within the coalition. The UPA proposal to set up the NCTC – National Counter Terrorism Center, Allowing the FDI, the Rail fares hike in the recent Railway Budget  ( eventually resulting in the resignation of the Railway Minister ) to name a few. The DMK which doesn’t have much of a presence in its own state assembly and having 2 of its ‘2G Scam accused’ MPs jailed, still packs enough punch to scare the Central Government because of its numbers in the Parl. DMK pressurised the UPA to vote for the US Resolution against Sri Lankan war crimes, by threating to pull out its ministers. UPA hard pressed for numbers in Parliament can hardly take the DMK threat lightly.

Manmohan Singh, whose authority in the choice of ministers and on matters of policy has been considerably diminished by Mamata Banerjee’s repeated onslaughts on it, has evidently had enough of the Trinamool Congresss’ battering.

Analysts reason that PM, Manmohan Singh would prefer to reach out to Samajwadi Party and bring it into the UPA fold , obviously as it wont be as aggressive as its partner from WB. The Congress was evidently hoping to seal a deal with the Samajwadi Party, But thus far the SP hasn’t shown keen interest, evidently sensing widespread disenchantment with the UPA and the risk of teaming up with a discredited political coalition.

That truly is the dilemma that the UPA faces today, its two key constituents coming in the way and blackmailing the way they govern and plan the future, giving them sleepless nights. SP or a BSP on the other hand wont join the UPA because the coalition, as a whole, has  lost its value completely.

Post budget interviews of the Finance Minister saw him blaming the lack of a clear mandate to the UPA and the resulting coalition government that does not provide it much of an elbow room to do things and perform as it should.

Now with Mamata sobering down a little, thanks to the Congress contemplating  bringing SP or BSP into the fold, it’s the right time for UPA to move ahead and bring in bold measures in economy and governance.

Wont be long before the wounded tigress finds her roar again, so hurry up UPA.


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