A Sanskrit village with almost One IT pro/family

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The giant statue of goddess Saraswati at the centre of a courtyard of a village school and the Sanskrit signboard outside the gate is the perfect prologue to this story. Children studying at the Mattur school in Shimoga in Karnataka are taught the Vedas once they turn 10 and all the students who come from the village speak Sanskrit fluently. To the casual visitor, Mattur fits the word “idyllic.” Arecanut trees and lush fields make way for a smooth road to the village, which is a cluster of simplistically finished and tightly packed concrete houses.

For the last 600 years, the Sankethis, a community of Brahmins that migrated from Kerala, have been living together and leading an insular way of life. Daily life revolves around Sanskrit. Aham Gacchami (I am going) and other expressions in the ancient language can be heard on the street. Since the language is spoken by people wearing jeans and t-shirts or while talking over a cell phone or riding a motorbike, Mattur has become a quaint metaphor for ancient India in modern times.

Most residents of the village are happy that the Narendra Modi government plans to replace German with Sanskrit in CBSE schools. “Of course, children in India must necessarily study Sanskrit. The Vedas can help children lead fuller lives as they teach about how to lead a better family life, to understand the metaphysical aspect of life and so on,” says Madhukar, who resigned from his job at Cisco as a software engineer and returned to the village to set up a garments business.

Almost every house in this Brahmin village has an IT professional and many of them are working abroad. The Sankethis are proud of their culture and almost every NRI makes it a point to attend rituals and festivals back home.

The crime rate is extremely low, given that the village by itself is one extended family. “There is not a single property dispute pending before courts from this village. We have a culture of cohesion that has been around for generations and we have managed to keep it going,” says Yadu, who, like Madhukar, goes by one name and is a software professional.Not All Are Welcome

It was only last year that, for the first time, a boy from one of the families here married a girl from north India. Until then, the community thrived on marrying within and, at the most, into Brahmin families from nearby areas. The local attitude towards the marriage to the ‘outsider’ is predictable: Many of the local residents are yet to come to terms with the marriage and have stopped visiting their home.

“This family is rich and that is why they dared to break tradition. If any of us commoners were to break tradition, there would be hell to pay,” says a teacher at the school. There is also a sense of fear at the prospect of getting cut off from the rest of the society and many of the youngsters want the castebarriers lifted at the least.

In Mattur, there is a huge gap between the elders and the younger lot in terms of the ideal way of life to be pursued. The elders of this patriarchal society want a strict enforcement of caste norms and it is acknowledged that even today bringing a guest from another caste could be frowned upon.

“I have had to face many embarrassing moments after I brought friends from other castes home. My mother would not like it. I understand we need to change but the elders need time. They cannot change so fast,” says a young software professional from the village who did not wish to be identified. “The community is too rigid. We cannot afford to be cut off for so long,” says Prafulla MS, a Sanskrit teacher at the local school. She adds that the growing inequality between the rich and poor was also causing some consternation.

Holding on to Traditions

“A wedding in the community lasts seven days and there are a number of other rituals and festivals that have to be observed. The rich and landed families can afford all this. What about the poor? But then many of the ceremonies are tied to spiritual beliefs that centre on the afterlife. If there is no money to conduct the rituals, this leads to strife at home,” explains Prafulla. Despite continuing frictions, both the young as well as the old believe that learning the Vedas can help people lead a better way of life.

The Mattur school has one of the best records in the district and boasts of toppers year after year. The teachers at the school say that learning Vedas and the chanting have helped children with their memory and focus. The software engineers here say their training in chanting has helped them with their academics.

Yadu, who works with Hewlett Packard, says that the daily practice of chanting was the reason for the village boasting of hundreds of software engineers. “We naturally developed an aptitude for maths and logic as well,” he said.

But while the village is clearly in awe of Sanskrit and the Vedic way of life, it appears to have no answers for the disconnect between modernity and the ancient language. Despite all the glory that the people here associate with the ancient language, there does not appear to be much of a context for its application. The elders of the village, especially, are against breaking from the tradition of any sort and frown upon “Western values”.


Some Ironies That Exist Only In India

28 May 2016

We all are well aware of the fact that India is a land of contradictions. Last time we shared with you some superstitions that still exist in India.
So, this time we decided to bring to some of the ironies that you may see only in India.

Indian society is unique in itself,
With diversity in every house, street and corner!
And with so many ironic situations all around,
How our society survives is a wonder!!

We have the best malls now,
With the best brands lined up wonderfully inside!
And copies of the same brand are available,
At throw away prices at the adjacent roadside!!

To see how the poor and wealthy co-exist,
Imagine when we drive in an air-conditioned car!
It is not at all strange to witness outside,
Beggars and slum dwellers barefoot on burning tar!!

Still if they beg for money or try to sell some toys,
Standing outside in weather as hot as a furnace!
Why do we sitting inside the AC cooled car,
Get red hot angry and treat them like they are from outer space!!

“Ganga jaisi pavitra” has been used many a times in Indian cinema,
As Ganga is worshipped as a symbol of purity!
Yet 2 million daily holy bathes and tons of industrial waste,
Make it one of the most polluted rivers in the country!!
Mumbai is the financial and entertainment capital of India,
Yet it continues to have pathetic infrastructure!
It is one of the most populous cities in the world,
But 60% of them living in slums doesn’t make for a good picture!!

We have our very own moral protectors of the society,
How they suddenly appear on Valentines Day is pure magic!
Isn’t it strange that even after 60 years of independence,
It is OK to Piss in public but not to Kiss in public!!

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A Message to Rahim and B’desh

March 24, 2016, ICC World T20, India, Srinivas Nyapathy Writes,
“Dont give up before you win. Dont celebrate before u finish”

How Dhoni strategised the last wicket off the last ball and executed the runout is just amazing, shows he still has his coolness intact. Unbelievable victory from the jaws of defeat for india, sends B’desh crashing out of the Worldcup 2016.


Wonder how and when Mushfiqur Rahim’s tsunami passion for bdesh translates to victories for them, instead of being their undoing. In a scenario, needing to score 3 runs, in 1 ball, no excuse if they lose, when u hv someone as experienced ss Rahim at the crease, in present day T20s. But it was just 2 runs to win in 3 balls…! Still they lost ..!!
When you have a Sachin playing for your country, the Virats emerge. When you have a Rahim, may be, only impatient Mahmadullahs emerge. This Bangladesh team has to learn to win crunch games quickly to make world cricket more interesting. Definitely, we dont want another team with a chokers tag !

Aamir’s “Intolerance” remark, disgraceful

November 27, 2015

Aamir khan, as an Indian citizen has every right to air his opinion and feelings about the atmosphere around him. The public who reacted to it also had a right to comment on what he said and air their feelings. Having said that, being a celebrity, an Ambassador of Incredible India Campaign, the face of “Athithi Devo Bhava” Campaign, Aamir khan should have been more responsible and careful, saying on a public platform,that his wife is feeling insecure because of the intolerance in the country and that she wants to leave india for good. Aamir adding that this a disastrous statement from his wife did not save him from a huge uproar against the comment.

aamir khan.jpg

What seemed like, Aamir trying to shoot the comment from his wife’s shoulders did not go too well with many, in bollywood and political circles. If his wife, or someone in his family says something to him in private, where is the need for him to tell the whole world about it, Unless he himself endorses it and wants to tell the world , but, has no guts to do so. If he feels just like Kiran does, then , they should pack their bags and leave the country, no one is going to stop them. If he thinks she is only reacting to some stray incidents of intolerance, then he should talk to her and give her confidence, who best to do it than the Ambassador of Incredible India himself. No point going public.We all know Aamir is smart enough to know where he is doing what and why. Why Aamir created such a controversary dragging his family into it, seems quite obvious for the lack any other sane reason. We know Aamir as a far better “actor” than this.


November 20, 2015                                                                                                  Srinivas Nyapathy Writes

The ALLSTARS T20 Series that concluded recently in USA was interesting to watch . It was more like those veteran Tennis matches, we get to see ffrom time to time. It is very nostalgic and exciting to see our old Tennis stars weilding racquets all over again and smashing the ball. Though there’s hardly any seriousness in these exhibition tennis matches, its surely pure fun.


I first thought, ALLSTARS T20 series is also something similar and is being played for some Cause/ Charity. But was surprised to read Sachin Tendulkar saying that he’s picking up the bat again to globalise cricket through ALLSTARS CRICKET T20 Series. I thought, If it was “”Cricket for Veterans”” that he wants to promote, it might work but, regular Cricket, No.

To popularise present day Indian Cinema/ Bollywood, you do not tour the World with Raj Kapoor’s B & W Hits of the 60s. If you do, its not Indian Cinema/ Bollywood of today that you are trying to globalise or popularise. You will be giving the global crowds a wrong picture. That’s precisely what ALLSTARS T20 Series is doing by promoting “Old” Stars Cricket as present day International Cricket. This is where ALLSTARS T20 Series fails, if their intention is to globalise Cricket.

If really globalisation is their intention, Sachin and Warne should select teams from the top international stars playing cricket actively now, to showcase Cricket globally. A B De Villiers, Virat Kohli, Steve Smith, Miller, McCullum, Stuart Broad, Dale Steyn, Bolt, Chris Gayle and the likes. ..But they chose what is similar to the Raj Kapoor example, by taking old “hits”.

If this present concept of ALLSTARS T20 Series is used to promote Cricket globally, its a very sad way to do it. Cricket deserves something better than an “OLD”STARS T20 Circus to promote it globally.

Ideally players get into their national sides in their 20s. To play at the International level, you need to be agile, raring to go..but these ALLSTARS matches, comprised players who have all retired, most of them years ago, 29 players in all, averaging about 43 years of age. Cricket is a lot about strength and stamina. That has not come though at all in this concept of globalizing Cricket. For the global audience, to whom this series is supposed to introduce Cricket, the sport being played by aged people seems to convey that Cricket is for people in their 40s.

If i want to introduce my kids to football in 2015, I will travel miles to show them Messi playing football, not an aged Pele. With ALLSTARS T20 Series, you get Pele , not Messi.

Trying to popularise the game globally, taking the game to a completely new audience, is no laughing matter. But there was hardly any seriousness on some faces in this series. Do you expect the American/global crowds to take this promotonal series seriously, when they see a batsman singing Bollywood songs loudly over the wireless mic, while facing upto a fast bowler. Yes, we all know Viru used to hum songs while batting, but, to do it when he is presenting the sport globally, seemed shocking. While playing regular matches may be Viru used to hum to himself, to calm his nerves. Though we read about it later, We never ever really heard him singing. But now, in this Series, to see him and hear him singing loudly over the mic while facing a fast bowler, seemed very silly. It makes a mockery of someone’s intentions, to globalise the game.

Is the ALLSTARS T20 Series trying to convey globally that this is the seriousness with which cricket is being played World over presently ?
Is this the Circus they want to showcase as “International Cricket”, globally ?

Oh please, someone stop them.

Cricket is a gentleman’s game. Of strategy, skill, endurance, teamwork and glorious uncertainities. Its much more than just a duel between a 5.50 Oz ball and a piece of Willow. We should not forget the fervour with which the game is followed by fans worldwide. It’s a Religion in the Subcontinent, that has a GOD, who is worshipped worldwide.

Seriousness, intensity, youthful agility, that’s so evident in present day World Cricket should come through in the ALLSTARS T20 Series, to make Cricket popular globally and to showcase the game in the right way.

I feel, these Stars should play ALLSTARS T20 Series just to enjoy and entertain the fans. But If they still tour the World (with the same concept), in the name of globalising the game, they are insulting the way International cricket is played today.

Its sad, Sachin’s bat has fallen so silent

Srinivas Nyapathy Writes                                                  17 December 2012

The evening Sachin Tendulkar, got out at Nagpur in the 1st innings, ESPN reporter dubbed the evening match report as an Obituary to Sachin’s Cricket Career.  It pains to see, in recent test matches that , R Ashwin at No 8 scores more than India’s No 4, Sachin Tendulkar. That tells you something. Indian cricket cannot afford to carry even  Sir Bradman at No 4 , if hes not performing, its a very critical position to bat at.. The last 10 innings , Sachin has scored a total of 153 runs (avg 15.3). This is the lowest average of any Indian top-order batsman over the last 10 knocks. Pujara averages 79, Kohli 61, Sehwag 40 and Gambhir 27. Dhoni averages 37. Even Ashwin, who bats at No. 8, has scored 303 runs at an average of 38. it’s now 28 innings since Sachin hit his last ton (146 vs South Africa, Jan 2011) – the longest he has gone without a ton.


Sachin, has served Indian cricket very well, perhaps, like no other in history, He’s by far the most talented  batsman in world cricket, who could scale great heights, with 100 centuries to boot, while conquering bad form and injuries. In 2004 while a section of the media and experts made noise about his continuing poor form and questions were raised if he should be axed, he came back with a bang, proving the experts wrong and putting them to great embrassment.


BUT, people who expect a similar turnaround now, should consider that he is nearing 40 and he is having more distractions in his life than ever before.Hes endorsing more products than in 2004, Now hes a Rajya Sabha MP, He is busy receiving honours from countries like Australia, and gracing many a mega event vis a vis Formula 1 , The Wimbledon, All these are taking away his mind and concentration from cricket. It is  showing on the field, and  at Indian cricket’s expense. If he was so keen to continue in Indian Cricket he should then concentrate on Cricket only. He should save the rest for later. But he has not done that. Hes keeping all his options open, and at whose risk ? Are’nt the selectors making a mistake by investing in a non performing, out of sorts , tired and aging Sachin ? The selectors have waited enough for Sachin to know when he should retire, Now its time they tell him.

UPA, surviving an opposition from within

Srinivas  Nyapathy  Writes                                                     March 31, 2012     

Today the UPA seems to be finding a larger opposition within its own coalition than outside.

Barely a week passes by without one party or the other from the UPA threatening to pull out of the coalition or create a situation where the top leadership is feverishly engaged in emergency meetings to tide over a fresh crisis within the coalition, which directly has immense adverse impact on the performance of the government resulting in policy paralysis.

Experts even say the UPA has now adopted paralysis as a policy to survive at the helm till 2014 elections. Many policies and changes that were to be brought in by the UPA have met with serious objections from within the coalition. The UPA proposal to set up the NCTC – National Counter Terrorism Center, Allowing the FDI, the Rail fares hike in the recent Railway Budget  ( eventually resulting in the resignation of the Railway Minister ) to name a few. The DMK which doesn’t have much of a presence in its own state assembly and having 2 of its ‘2G Scam accused’ MPs jailed, still packs enough punch to scare the Central Government because of its numbers in the Parl. DMK pressurised the UPA to vote for the US Resolution against Sri Lankan war crimes, by threating to pull out its ministers. UPA hard pressed for numbers in Parliament can hardly take the DMK threat lightly.

Manmohan Singh, whose authority in the choice of ministers and on matters of policy has been considerably diminished by Mamata Banerjee’s repeated onslaughts on it, has evidently had enough of the Trinamool Congresss’ battering.

Analysts reason that PM, Manmohan Singh would prefer to reach out to Samajwadi Party and bring it into the UPA fold , obviously as it wont be as aggressive as its partner from WB. The Congress was evidently hoping to seal a deal with the Samajwadi Party, But thus far the SP hasn’t shown keen interest, evidently sensing widespread disenchantment with the UPA and the risk of teaming up with a discredited political coalition.

That truly is the dilemma that the UPA faces today, its two key constituents coming in the way and blackmailing the way they govern and plan the future, giving them sleepless nights. SP or a BSP on the other hand wont join the UPA because the coalition, as a whole, has  lost its value completely.

Post budget interviews of the Finance Minister saw him blaming the lack of a clear mandate to the UPA and the resulting coalition government that does not provide it much of an elbow room to do things and perform as it should.

Now with Mamata sobering down a little, thanks to the Congress contemplating  bringing SP or BSP into the fold, it’s the right time for UPA to move ahead and bring in bold measures in economy and governance.

Wont be long before the wounded tigress finds her roar again, so hurry up UPA.

Cool, Cool, Kohli !

Srinivas Nyapathy Writes:                                                   March 13, 2012

Srilanka are beaten and handsomely at that ,by India, led by two Delhi boys, Kohli and Gambhir and India seem to be back to their old winning ways . Playing in the sub continent, for the Indians, is like a student writing an exam with the answers in front of him. Two centuries from the top order , a total of 300 plus , an effective and entertaining innings in the slog overs, couple of bowlers also chipping in, to take crucial wickets . Fielding so sharp that you end up thinking, is this the same team, that was in England not too long ago and a few were called “donkeys”, by a mediocre former England captain.

After those stunning catches and ease with which Indian bowlers dominated the Srilankans, I turned to my colleague and said “ Everything goes to a plan, when we play  in the sub continent”, He retorted sarcastically, “even abroad it goes as per plans, but for the opposition..”

While Virat is going from strength to strength, 6 centuries in the last one year, the most anticipated one still deserts India, Sachin’s ton, the Hundredth. Against Srilanka, yesterday,  Sachin got out to a slow full toss, which he completely mis –read, he got out for a meager 6. Times of India / Times Now still carry a news item everytime Sachin goes out to bat and gets out,  that he missed the 100th.  When someone in the top order, gets out for 6 or doesn’t get a hundred in a year, hes not missing a hundred, he’s actually trying to justify his position in the team. Ofcourse in Sachin’s case its different, he’s a legendary batsman, and has played quite a few innings of substance in the last year, though failing to get to that coveted figure.

The rise of Virat Kohli at a time when “The Wall” has called it a day, is very heartening from Indian point of view. Ofcourse, its early to say he belongs to the same league as the Sachin, Dravid and Laxman. In that win against Srilanka Virat Kohli, completed his 10th hundred in 83 ODIs, averaging a sound 48.42.

It also speaks of the young ,  aggressive, Virat Kohli , coming of age as a player, that he scored this hundred immediately after being made the vice captain.Virat being made the vice captiain was something that did not go too well with many experts , who felt its an injustice to senior pro Gautham Gambhir. I am sure when he went out to bat, Virat surely had it at at the back of his mind that he had a thing or two to prove. Prove, he did and the fact  that he partnered with Gauti himself to take India to a massive score shows that these two put the team ahead of themselves and that augurs well for the future.


Y S Jagan wins mass base confidence, post trust vote

 Srinivas Nyapathy Writes                    Hyderabad, December 6, 2011  

Dr Rajasekhar Reddy had walked for miles for the cause of farmers. He had signed his first file as Chief Minister on free power to farmers . Like wise, Mr Jaganmohan Reddy had made a bold decision to rally his MLAs against the government, knowing well that the MLAs would be disqualified. “There is a lot of change in the mood of the people from the pre-no confidence motion days to the post-no confidence motion. Earlier, people would come to his rallies to have a look at him as a son of Dr Rajasekhar Reddy and as a young leader who had dared Sonia Gandhi and the mighty Congress.But, now they are coming to him to support him and stand for him as he stood for them,” asserted the party programme committee convenor, Talasila Raghuram, while speaking to The Hans India.

When his father Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh,died in a helicopter crash in 2009, Kadapa MP Y S Jaganmohan Reddy was backed by 150 out of 155 Congress MLAs in the state Assembly for the Chief Minister’s post. Since then, Jagan Mohan Reddy, now the head of his own YSR Congress party has been left with less than 20 MLAs on his side, including his mother Mrs Y S Vijayamma.

In August this year, 24 MLAs from ruling Congress and one each from Praja Rajyam Party and TDP resigned from their posts in support of Jagan,but did not find it wise to stay with him for long and deserted him eventually. When the crucial vote of no-confidence came up in the Assembly yesterday, Jagan’s final tally read 18 with 16 MLAs from Congress and one each from PRP and YSR Congress on his side. For Y S Jagan, who once claimed that  the Kiran Kumar Reddy government was surviving “on my mercy” and would fall at the blink of an eye, it is indeed a mighty lose of face.

After the no-confidence motion against the government was defeated comfortably last night, Jagan did a volte face, he put up a bold face. He conjured up enough confidence to give out a  positive message. Jagan said, “We knew very well that the government wouldn’t fall. We supported the cause (of the farmers). Our MLAs voted against the government knowing fully well that they would face disqualification. Hats off to them,”If Congress disqualifies the 16 MLAs, who voted against the government, by-elections become inevitable. And, as constituencies are in what can be said a strong YSR Congress bastion, Andhra-Rayalaseema region, jagan is in  a good position. Already seven vacancies exist in the House, caused by the death of one MLA and resignation of six others last month, If by -elections are held for these constituencies as they are supposed to, within 6 months, its difficult to see Congress winning  even one seat in Telangana , because of the disgust among the voters in that region vis a vis the Congress mishandling the separate statehood issue and delaying a decision on it.

The prospects are also not very bright in the other parts of the state especially, Andhra and Rayalaseema regions Jagan enjoys support here , for the ruling congress party  this is a very challenging situation and congress has everything to lose.

Already, its own strength has been reduced to just 137 in the 294-member House following resignations and defections by MLAs.However, if  Jagan gets arrested by the CBI in any of the cases it is probing against him, it will open up opportunities for the ruling Congress party. The Congress might well be waiting with their fingers crossed for that to happen. All eyes are on Chief Minister Kiran Kumar, who had however,said that a decision would be taken on the disqualification issue only after the Congress high command gave the green signal.

1448 runs were scored. In the end, all that mattered was a “single” !

INDIA Vs WI, MUMBAI, Srinivas Nyapathy Writes,                    27 November 2011

1448 runs were scored in the exciting Mumbai test all that will be forgotten with time; This Test match will be remembered only for that 1 run Ashwin dint take.

India beat the West Indies 2-0, quite comprehensively, in the 3 test series.  Even though the Windies had their moments, they were too few and far in between, really, to write away, the grip Ojha and Ashwin had on their batsmen, sparing none.

Make your debut at home, take 22 wickets, come in at number 7, when the side is up against a near 600 total, score a hundred, while none else could make a hundred in the side, and soothe a million hearts ruing Sachin’s dismissal for 94.  As if all these heroics are not making you think if this is all out of a Tollywood movie, he gets to be the man of the match and man of the series on Debut.

Ashwin Ravichandran, the Indian Spinner, even on debut, does not seem to have lost much sleep over the Windies and has made it a fairy tale debut, stuff dreams are made of, So much at ease was he, that,  he found time and peace to go to Chennai and attend a wedding, a day ahead of the 2nd test, …his own….!

This is one of those series that you would forget,   ( Ofcourse, it would have been different had Sachin got that Hundred in Mumbai ) but for the dramatic last half an hour of play in the last test match at Mumbai. We might forget the runs scored and wickets taken in this series with time, but we would remember and rue, about that 1 run, that was never taken…that left India level the score and draw the Test.

Well Cricket in India, is not all about what you score and wickets you take, its also a lot about what you don’t score..tell Sachin about it !