November 20, 2015                                                                                                  Srinivas Nyapathy Writes

The ALLSTARS T20 Series that concluded recently in USA was interesting to watch . It was more like those veteran Tennis matches, we get to see ffrom time to time. It is very nostalgic and exciting to see our old Tennis stars weilding racquets all over again and smashing the ball. Though there’s hardly any seriousness in these exhibition tennis matches, its surely pure fun.


I first thought, ALLSTARS T20 series is also something similar and is being played for some Cause/ Charity. But was surprised to read Sachin Tendulkar saying that he’s picking up the bat again to globalise cricket through ALLSTARS CRICKET T20 Series. I thought, If it was “”Cricket for Veterans”” that he wants to promote, it might work but, regular Cricket, No.

To popularise present day Indian Cinema/ Bollywood, you do not tour the World with Raj Kapoor’s B & W Hits of the 60s. If you do, its not Indian Cinema/ Bollywood of today that you are trying to globalise or popularise. You will be giving the global crowds a wrong picture. That’s precisely what ALLSTARS T20 Series is doing by promoting “Old” Stars Cricket as present day International Cricket. This is where ALLSTARS T20 Series fails, if their intention is to globalise Cricket.

If really globalisation is their intention, Sachin and Warne should select teams from the top international stars playing cricket actively now, to showcase Cricket globally. A B De Villiers, Virat Kohli, Steve Smith, Miller, McCullum, Stuart Broad, Dale Steyn, Bolt, Chris Gayle and the likes. ..But they chose what is similar to the Raj Kapoor example, by taking old “hits”.

If this present concept of ALLSTARS T20 Series is used to promote Cricket globally, its a very sad way to do it. Cricket deserves something better than an “OLD”STARS T20 Circus to promote it globally.

Ideally players get into their national sides in their 20s. To play at the International level, you need to be agile, raring to go..but these ALLSTARS matches, comprised players who have all retired, most of them years ago, 29 players in all, averaging about 43 years of age. Cricket is a lot about strength and stamina. That has not come though at all in this concept of globalizing Cricket. For the global audience, to whom this series is supposed to introduce Cricket, the sport being played by aged people seems to convey that Cricket is for people in their 40s.

If i want to introduce my kids to football in 2015, I will travel miles to show them Messi playing football, not an aged Pele. With ALLSTARS T20 Series, you get Pele , not Messi.

Trying to popularise the game globally, taking the game to a completely new audience, is no laughing matter. But there was hardly any seriousness on some faces in this series. Do you expect the American/global crowds to take this promotonal series seriously, when they see a batsman singing Bollywood songs loudly over the wireless mic, while facing upto a fast bowler. Yes, we all know Viru used to hum songs while batting, but, to do it when he is presenting the sport globally, seemed shocking. While playing regular matches may be Viru used to hum to himself, to calm his nerves. Though we read about it later, We never ever really heard him singing. But now, in this Series, to see him and hear him singing loudly over the mic while facing a fast bowler, seemed very silly. It makes a mockery of someone’s intentions, to globalise the game.

Is the ALLSTARS T20 Series trying to convey globally that this is the seriousness with which cricket is being played World over presently ?
Is this the Circus they want to showcase as “International Cricket”, globally ?

Oh please, someone stop them.

Cricket is a gentleman’s game. Of strategy, skill, endurance, teamwork and glorious uncertainities. Its much more than just a duel between a 5.50 Oz ball and a piece of Willow. We should not forget the fervour with which the game is followed by fans worldwide. It’s a Religion in the Subcontinent, that has a GOD, who is worshipped worldwide.

Seriousness, intensity, youthful agility, that’s so evident in present day World Cricket should come through in the ALLSTARS T20 Series, to make Cricket popular globally and to showcase the game in the right way.

I feel, these Stars should play ALLSTARS T20 Series just to enjoy and entertain the fans. But If they still tour the World (with the same concept), in the name of globalising the game, they are insulting the way International cricket is played today.


Cricket Humour

August 20, 2015  via

Too much of cricket humour has come to be intertwined with sledging these days. While the latter has undoubtedly had its high moments (who can resist a chuckle at the image of the portly chicken farmer Eddo Brandes giving it back to Glenn McGrath?) there has to be a place for mirth outside the aggro and competitiveness of the cricket field. In this brief foray I recollect a few of the funnier moments from cricketing lore – and invite others to share their own. One of my favourites dates back to the 1974-75 West Indies tour of India. When the series got to Chennai, West Indies led 2-1 but were on the back foot both because of a spirited Indian fightback in the third Test (and, in their view, some indifferent umpiring by the local talent). Satyaji Rao, in particular, was seen by them as a serial offender. As the West Indies team bus wound its way down Mount Road to get to the Chepauk stadium one day, it came to a halt at a famous landmark – the statue of the late chief minister and Tamil politician CN Annadurai. It so happened that this statue showed Annadurai with one arm upraised and his index finger upright – resembling nothing more than an umpire sending a batsman on his way. Cue Alvin Kallicharran, who promptly jumped to his feet inside the bus and intoned, “Good morning, Umpire Rao.” One can just imagine the mirth that must have followed. (I must confess that I have been unable to track the story down on the internet, but have a vivid recollection of reading about the episode in the media coverage at the time.)

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The unspoken rules of Facebook Etiquette

Srinivas Nyapathy Writes,                                           

Social Networking, is a part of our lives today, more than, what anyone had thought it would be, a few years ago. Facebook has been on top of the popularity charts among the social Networking websites, worldwide and in India as well.

It has caught the minds of  teenagers, men, women, celebrities, politicians alike and everyone is on it. Even Corporates are not far behind, with their highly active presence on Facebook pages ..building a fan base, promoting their themes, products and apps to niche audiences. With the advertising and promotion options that are on offer, many small to medium businesses find it a very useful tool to promote their products to niche audience.

However, Most of the users are not so tech savvy. They got on to facebook only after someone in their friends circle did, pushed them to sign up so that they can share their life moments , events and so on, easily, once in a while, free of cost.

“Once in a while” has now become once “in every few minutes”, thanks to smart phones syncing with facebook and delivering instant notifications of activity from the friends list /group from facebook on the mobile phones.

The entry of such users without much knowledge about how social networking websites work, brings some minor irritants into play.

It’s not easy for users to grasp the unspoken rules of the social interactions within Facebook, There is a certain courtesy or etiquette for online communication which has to be  applied to social networking sites , Facebook in particular. With the kind of changes India has seen technology  wise, in the last couple of decades, Its not easy or comfortable for the older generations to adjust to this Social Networking / Communication explosion which their children are born into and are tuned into through their friends, and colleagues.

So, what’s drawing or forcing these users to use facebook,  inspite of their discomfort in using such websites.

Well, times have changed. Not just in the way people communicate, but, also in the dynamics of life we lead today. We live today in a completely different socio-economic scenario as  compared to a few decades ago, prior to the internet and social networking sites. Today’s times call for social networking sites such as Facebook, a necessity. Something almost unavoidable, If you don’t like yourself to be seen as a “touch me not” , primitive and a chip of the old block.

A few decades ago, it was tough for an Indian middle class family to send their kids to study abroad, and it was rare that someone gets married to a NRI and shifts abroad to settle/ work there. International holidays or  travelling abroad was only in one’s dreams. But today all that has changed. Every other house in the neighbourhood seems to have a dear one living or studying abroad. Similarly, within the country also, we see many youngsters leaving their home towns and settling in cities and metros. Parents, grand parents, and family in far away places , love to communicate with them as if they are by their side. Keeping in constant touch with their dear ones, makes them happy. This anxiety, churns up a need for a strong, quick , easy to use platform to keep every one in touch with each other, at the proverbial click of a button and no less.  That’s where Facebook, comes in, as a user-friendly social networking website.

More than communicating through a mobile phone with a  ISD plan, social networking sites like Facebook, offer much more features and easy options to share moments with family and friends all for free !

The supposedly uncomfortable communication on internet and computers , now seems all too inviting  and as they force themselves to start using it… slowly but surely, the not so savvy net users, find it very manageable.

And as they get on to the site and start posting, commenting, sharing stuff, minor irritants of social networking start to emerge, more like in the case of a person driving a vehicle without knowing the traffic rules. Just as this might injure people on the streets, using facebook without knowing how it works, can also cause damage or hurt relationships between the user and ones in the friends list. Contrary to what is expected in the first place.

Even though there is no rule book to follow, there are certain basics to follow and some that need to be avoided to keep the facebook experience enjoyable for not one who is posting but also everyone else on Facebook. Its important to be aware of  publicness of Facebook to protect our privacy and at the same time respect the fact that each and every one of the users forms a part of the Facebook experience of everyone else.

Here are a few basics for those users driving on the streets of facebook, without knowing the traffic rules of social networking :

1. When you have many friends in Facebook, they are  people from various backgrounds, with different jobs, beliefs, personalities etc. Updating your status with a general statement may seem harmless to you, but others may read it in a different light. For example, you make a remark about how advertisers deceive unsuspecting consumers into buying something they don’t need. There could be some ad friends in your list who might feel you are targeting them and get offended. So be Be Mindful Of What You Post.

2. As much as you may want everyone to know your most intimate secrets, your friends may not want you to do that on their walls, as they may not share the same inclination. Best to keep these conversations behind closed doors in Facebook Messaging. Private matters should be Messaged Not to be posted on wall

3. Make a call when there is something important or something very personal to convey. (e.g. death or birth in the family, etc ), don’t declare it out on the public wall. Facebook is a social networking site; it’s supposed to be public. The other reason not to post is courtesy. It’s the same reason why you shouldn’t use SMS to break up with someone. Or It’s rude and insincere to convey important news without using proper channels of genuine communication through voice expressions and body language. Make a call. Don’t publicise personal , important moments

4. When someone shares with you, atleast have the decency to add on to the comments once in awhile. If you ignore them all the time, chances are that they won’t bother about your status anymore, wont it look silly when they look like they are  talking to a wall?

When your friends or family share photos of a function they attended in your place or a party you hosted, you enjoy seeing them on the page , but, its being rude, if you don’t even say a thanks or write some comments below those photos. Its not that they do not have any other work in their lives, that they took pains to post them and share them, that too of a function that you hosted. Its even worse, if you choose to react only on what some users shared of the function that you hosted and ignore some other users, wantonly or otherwise. Posts in groups of Facebook reveal who has seen the posts with their names, So it leaves a horrible feeling when they find out that you have seen the posts and enjoyed them but ran away without saying anything.

Reply to comments especially if its about you and your family .

Facebook is about sharing don’t just create a profile, add friends and keep peeping into their profiles and lives without posting/commenting/sharing/liking anything. After a few months you are a wasteful jombie  for your friends . If you don’t share anything, or act on any of your friends posts why add them ? Don’t act like a voyuer. No one likes it, if you are just a peeping tom.

5 We all check out our friends profile now and then, but to comment on everything is to admit that you are constantly checking out on them. What is even worse is that your friend’s friends might notice it as well. If you don’t wish to be labeled a pest, try to limit your comments somewhat. Avoid Posting Comments On Every Post.

There are a few don’t aswell:

1. If you wish to add someone for some valid reason, like to get to know this girl you have a crush on, do so with some introduction or through a mutual friend. Skipping that step only leaves a bad impression of you, which is the last thing you want. Don’t Make Friend Requests To Strangers

2. You have to be sensitive of who you might be tagging. People may not like to be tagged in rank bad shots. So be careful not to pull the rug off from under someone’s feet by tagging then in bad pics, girls will definitely be more sensitive here than boys.

Don’t Tag Your Friends In ‘Unglam’ Shots

3. Even with your most stringent privacy settings, there’s still a risk that what you post can reach people you wouldn’t want it to reach, and your co-workers and boss are the last people you want to mess with. So, just play safe and leave your venting to somewhere private. There are many other places to fume about your work and work place than facebook,

So don’t post status messages about your work, that might get you into trouble.

Everyone is entitled to state their own opinion , so there’s no need to put anyone down just because you disagree . It’s embarrassing not only to yourself, but to your friend as well.

In the spirit of good conversations, let’s keep this in mind in whatever communication we have online, in Facebook, forums, emails, Don’t ruin it for everyone. It’s entirely up to us to follow these “rules”. I guess living happily on the social networking circuit is about finding the right balance between being having fun and at the same time being sensitive to everyone. Understanding the importance of this thin line that separates the good from the bad on social networking sites will better the experience for yourself and it also helps others enjoy as well!

Appaling Indian media

Srinivas  Nyapathy Writes                                                                  April 2011

There is a lot of anger and disgust in the public, following the media coverage of  certain issues in the recent past, where ethics and decency were compromised for TRPs and Readership.

A case in point is the coverage of Shri Satya Sai Baba’s death.

To start with, Initially, the Trust may not have given the news from the hospital on time, adding to the anxiety of the devotees, but that doesn’t mean the media can go  to town speculating about what’s happening inside, carrying hearsay as breaking news.


Baseless Information was reported, without any confirmation..

”Report First , Confirm later” attitude, that too, talking of one who is God to millions in India and abroad.

Where was the need to be speculating on the Trust and its wealth, while Saibaba was still in state, if not for TRPs and to make Hay while sun shines.

Talking of the Trust’s wealth is okay..but to give it a colour, as if ,the Trust having the much rumoured 40000 crore is a sin, is whats baffling.

While devotees were scanning thro the channels to get a final glimpse of Baba ..all they got to see is 3/4th screen of these discussions and scrolls on future of Puttaparthi; 1/4th screen the actual glass case where Sai baba’s body was lying. ( Oh Yes, when Sachin was having tears in his eyes infront of Baba’s glass case was full screen ..TRPs)

Speculating  and building on the wee bits of info they had in hand,they conducted hours of panel discussions. Whatever came of that ? Later, the issues discussed, were shot down emphatically by the Trustmembers,  with facts in the press conference.

If these channels or publications which were crying hoarse with allegations had any evidence, why they have silenced themselves after the Trust’s Press Conference?

In the race to break first, all else is forgotten in this mad rat race of  the media houses, Breaking News scrolls on TV  and News papers with question mark headlines, Making them the Big Story, Developing Story….

A reporter of a Telugu TV channel had the guts to enter the Prashanti Nilayam, with a camera phone, stretch his arm over his head and capture what was happening inside the rooms , this is how sting operations are carried out , fine, but it can be aired only when you find something wrong happening inside the place. But this channel went ahead and telecast that operation, which basically is a invasion of privacy…and complete lack of decency. There was hardly anything in those captures but people and walls..If someone installs a spy cam in this guys house and telecasts the goings on then he would embrassing it can be. What has the Trust done to deserve this wretched invasion by a roughish channel.

For devotees of Baba, the place is of great reverence, a Temple, and no less. These acts are nothing but insulting.

Many scams and scandals were unearthed thanks to the media and sting operations, well done, bu,t to telecast something even after finding nothing in the capture was uncalled for and immaturish.

There was this Newspaper which had Aishwarya’s picture on the front page, just recently. So prominent that it was actually cutting into the masthead !

“What?” I thought, “has she received a Bharat Ratna?”…

No, No, was just that shes pregnant..!

A film star ‘s, pregnancy on the frontpage , cutting into the mast page ..Well..if that wasn’t for selling the newspaper what else is it for.

The shocking helicopter crash which ended the life of AP CM YSR Reddy; after the wreckage was found and minutes before his body was identified, a regional TV channel went ahead and reported that he has actually been found alive !

May be these guys given the responsibility of handling Sai Baba’s News, do not know anything about prashanti Nilayam and how disciplined the place is . Even in the Press conference when a reporter asked a question a Trust Board Member , He in turn asked the reporter , if he had ever visited Puttaparthi before..the answer was negative.

The thinktanks behind these Channels and Newspapers should realize, that, there is a lot of difference, how you handle Osama’s killing and Sai’s death. Osama is a mastermind behind many terrorist attacks worldwide, which ended up taking several innocent lives and have changed the way we live , for the worse. Whereas  Sai Baba’s life has only been about, spreading spirituality, harmony and improving lives of people across the globe.

If at all, I repeat ,if at all, the media found something wrong with the Trust, they could have waited till the time of the  Samadhi. Instead of projecting nonsense as primetime news. I feel Sai Baba richly deserved at least that bit of respect at the time of his death.

All is not lost, There are enough media houses which strive hard to keep India clean and healthy.

They do bring scams to light, bringing guilty to book, catching the corrupt red handed, but, with evidence and proofs.

There are some age old publications which even today, amidst all this rat race, portray the positivity , growth, development of this Incredible India, bringing stories of the giant strides we are making in becoming a World power on to the front pages.  Staying clear of speculating “IS XYZ GUILTY OF 200 Crore bribe ?”

“Was the Minister’s Office bugged ?”, “Who bugged the minister’s office ?” but finding the answers, to help us live a better life.

I salute such publications. Carry on ! We need you !

The Best Tablet in town ?

Micromax P650. without doubt.

The company’s first tablet in the Canvas series. It has a 8-inch (1024 x 768 pixels) multi-touch display, powered by a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and runs on Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean). It has a 5-megapixel rear camera with 720p HD video recording and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera. It has 3G support via a SIM card slot and has voice calling capabilities.

It comes pre-loaded with Opera mini browser,  Spuul to watch free movies online, Music Hub to get access to songs online and M! Live  to download HD/premium games. The M! Security app lets you Back-Up the phone Tracke the tab remotely and Anti-Virus features. It also comes with Look away to pause, Video pinning, pop-up browser and OTA update support similar to the latest Canvas smartphones.

Micromax Canvas Tab P650 specifications

  • 8-inch (1024 x 768 pixels) multi-touch display
  • 1.2 GHz quad-core MediaTek MT8389 processor
  • Android 4.2.1 (Jelly Bean)
  • 5MP auto focus rear camera
  • 2MP front-facing camera
  • 1080p Full HD video playback
  • 1GB DDR3 RAM, 16GB internal memory (11.07GB for intenal SD and 1.73GB for apps), expandable up to 32 GB
  • 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS / aGPS
  • 3.5 mm audio jack
  • 4800 mAh battery with up to 5 hours of usage, up to 10 hours of talk time and up to 400 hours standby

Congress’s desparate “Telengana Tamasha”

                                                Srinivas Nyapathy Writes:

Inspite of lakhs of people taking to the streets across Seemandhra, genuinely disgusted with the centre’s move to go ahead with the ill planned process  for  creating Telengana,  which these people feel is a decision riddled with injustice all over it for their region, the centre, refers to the letters given in support of the state’s division by majority of opposition parties in  Andhra , as a excuse to get away from the criticism of a decision taken by them. This despite, the parties reiterating that this is not the way to divide a state..!

The centre wishes to shove the Sri Krishna Committee recommendations under the carpet, a committe that was constituted by the UPA itself, as the recommendations do not suit its plans. The centre  hides itself away from the fact that their own state Congress ministers have quit the party against the bifurcation, Central ministers also decided to resign from their posts for all the injustice being meted out to the people of seemandhra. Among many embrassments for the UPA-2 under the muted, remote controlled, “un”able Prime Ministership of Mr Manmohan Singh, this Telengana Tamasha takes the cake with none other than the Andhra Pradesh Chief minister, a congress leader himself,  going up against the decision of bifurcation. The CM surprised everyone and members of his own party by going to the extent of giving interviews to the media as to how  Seemandhra will suffer with this decision. He cautioned that many irksome issues would  crop up because of the bifurcation,  and they need to be addressed before any announcement of bifurcation, if at all.

But the High command tries to ignore  all this and shamelessly puts the onus on the opposition parties’ letters. If at all UPA is so keen to act on opposition letters, there are many asking the PM to answer the letters with questions regarding Coal Scam, Many letters  regarding the weak foreign policy. Letters regarding other states asking about bifurcations in their states. Why harp only about the YSRCP and TDP letters ??  Because, those letters suit the music UPA wants to play and what it wants people to hear.

The Congress and its high command should find better ways than stooping to dividing states to get ahead in the 2014 elections.

The challenge for Congress to win elections in the future, and form a Government, will be to find leaders who know politics and who can “play” it well. Today UPA is “playing” into the hands of the opposition. One recent example is the dramatic development of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi strongly criticizing his own government’s decision to pass an ordinance to allow convicted politicians to contest elections and said it is nonsense and that it should be “torn up”.  This is only a small example of panic and confusion in party with 2014 elections round the corner.

The Seemandhra Agitation failed to make the Central Government react in its favour. The softness of the Samaikya agitation only seemed to egg the pro Telengana lobby on to push ahead with the tabling of the T note and march towards the creation of Telengana.

Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul, both have not spoken publicly about the crisis in Andhra.  The Congress team, handling the Telengana and Seemandhra issue seems to lack the experience and the understanding to handle a crisis as serious as this. The party High Command  is finding it hard to keep its folk together in Andhra’s  3 regions and make them speak in one tone. UPA’s strategy is its much talked about merger with TRS in Telengana and YSRCP in Seemandhra to ride it back to power in 2014, than focussing on welfare schemes like did Late Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy.

The Congress’s eyes are fixed on the fringe benefits. Telangana has 17 Lok Sabha seats and 119 assembly seats. Should there be a Telangana Rashtra Samithi-Congress coalition/merger, it can aspire to the  figure of 60 assembly seats and 12-14 LS seats. TRS chief , however, has reportedly not only ruled out a merger but is non-committal even on an alliance with the Congress.  The gamble taken by the Congress  might cost them heavily  in Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema. Congress fortunes are in absolute tatters,  owing to the  anti-Centre mood, anti-Telangana mood,  the Jagan factor.  And in Seemandhra, which has 25 LS seats and 175 assembly seats,  The Congress currently holds 97 seats, where as the the simple majority is 80, but with a strong Jaganmohan Reddy wave forecast, it would need to have a post-poll alliance with YSR Congress.

It can be understood that the  Congress believes having TRS and YSRCP on its side will help it almost neutralise the TDP. Without a TRS alliance, the Congress would be vulnerable in the Telangana region.

It was very evident when asked on the day CWC took a step forward on Telengana Mr Digvijay Singh is on record saying , he is expecting the TRS to merge with Congress. Unless desparate, and trying to send a signal to TRS, why say it on National TV that too on that very day ?

How shameful can it get for the Congress when political experts  feel , even the timely release of Jagan Mohan Reddy and all the drama associated with it, is part of a script for 2014 elections. Shameful because, while YSR was at the helm in Andhra, things were under control. With guidance of Pranab Mukherjee also missing now, Congress under Sonia Gandhi, is at a complete loss and at its wits end  to garner maximum number of seats from Telugus of the 3 regions. The only way to achieve that is to burn Seemandhra, while posing as if doing justice to telengana’s fight for, well, once the fight was for development, now….pride ??!!  The people of Seemandhra are at loss to understand if the UPA even realises that in creating Telengana, they are actually creating another state in the form of this kicked out Seemandhra with a new Capital , and  a new assembly and relegated to using Hyderabad once its capital , only as a unwanted tenent for 10 painful years ? May be the people of Seemenadhra should wait for some other political compulsion for the Congress which would force it  to do justice for them. I conclude this by putting forth the opening paragraph of an article in Frontline by Mr. S Nagesh Kumar  “ The Congress is clearly eyeing a pre-poll alliance with the TRS in Telangana and a post-poll alliance with the YSR Congress in Seemandhra. In this cynical game, it is dividing not only Andhra Pradesh politically but also the eight crore Telugu-speaking people in their minds and hearts.  NEVER in the past three decades has a ruling party in Andhra Pradesh attracted so much public ire as the Congress after its July 30 announcement to carve out a separate Telangana State.  Such is the Congress’ political ambition that votes come first and the people next. This has driven the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government at the Centre so much out of sync with the ground realities in Andhra Pradesh that it has reduced the raging political storm to a game of chess. If the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) and the YSR Congress are the major pieces on this chequered board and Telugu Desam Party (TDP) president N. Chandrababu Naidu is the adversary, the people are the pawns in its political game.”

Its sad, Sachin’s bat has fallen so silent

Srinivas Nyapathy Writes                                                  17 December 2012

The evening Sachin Tendulkar, got out at Nagpur in the 1st innings, ESPN reporter dubbed the evening match report as an Obituary to Sachin’s Cricket Career.  It pains to see, in recent test matches that , R Ashwin at No 8 scores more than India’s No 4, Sachin Tendulkar. That tells you something. Indian cricket cannot afford to carry even  Sir Bradman at No 4 , if hes not performing, its a very critical position to bat at.. The last 10 innings , Sachin has scored a total of 153 runs (avg 15.3). This is the lowest average of any Indian top-order batsman over the last 10 knocks. Pujara averages 79, Kohli 61, Sehwag 40 and Gambhir 27. Dhoni averages 37. Even Ashwin, who bats at No. 8, has scored 303 runs at an average of 38. it’s now 28 innings since Sachin hit his last ton (146 vs South Africa, Jan 2011) – the longest he has gone without a ton.


Sachin, has served Indian cricket very well, perhaps, like no other in history, He’s by far the most talented  batsman in world cricket, who could scale great heights, with 100 centuries to boot, while conquering bad form and injuries. In 2004 while a section of the media and experts made noise about his continuing poor form and questions were raised if he should be axed, he came back with a bang, proving the experts wrong and putting them to great embrassment.


BUT, people who expect a similar turnaround now, should consider that he is nearing 40 and he is having more distractions in his life than ever before.Hes endorsing more products than in 2004, Now hes a Rajya Sabha MP, He is busy receiving honours from countries like Australia, and gracing many a mega event vis a vis Formula 1 , The Wimbledon, All these are taking away his mind and concentration from cricket. It is  showing on the field, and  at Indian cricket’s expense. If he was so keen to continue in Indian Cricket he should then concentrate on Cricket only. He should save the rest for later. But he has not done that. Hes keeping all his options open, and at whose risk ? Are’nt the selectors making a mistake by investing in a non performing, out of sorts , tired and aging Sachin ? The selectors have waited enough for Sachin to know when he should retire, Now its time they tell him.

UPA, surviving an opposition from within

Srinivas  Nyapathy  Writes                                                     March 31, 2012     

Today the UPA seems to be finding a larger opposition within its own coalition than outside.

Barely a week passes by without one party or the other from the UPA threatening to pull out of the coalition or create a situation where the top leadership is feverishly engaged in emergency meetings to tide over a fresh crisis within the coalition, which directly has immense adverse impact on the performance of the government resulting in policy paralysis.

Experts even say the UPA has now adopted paralysis as a policy to survive at the helm till 2014 elections. Many policies and changes that were to be brought in by the UPA have met with serious objections from within the coalition. The UPA proposal to set up the NCTC – National Counter Terrorism Center, Allowing the FDI, the Rail fares hike in the recent Railway Budget  ( eventually resulting in the resignation of the Railway Minister ) to name a few. The DMK which doesn’t have much of a presence in its own state assembly and having 2 of its ‘2G Scam accused’ MPs jailed, still packs enough punch to scare the Central Government because of its numbers in the Parl. DMK pressurised the UPA to vote for the US Resolution against Sri Lankan war crimes, by threating to pull out its ministers. UPA hard pressed for numbers in Parliament can hardly take the DMK threat lightly.

Manmohan Singh, whose authority in the choice of ministers and on matters of policy has been considerably diminished by Mamata Banerjee’s repeated onslaughts on it, has evidently had enough of the Trinamool Congresss’ battering.

Analysts reason that PM, Manmohan Singh would prefer to reach out to Samajwadi Party and bring it into the UPA fold , obviously as it wont be as aggressive as its partner from WB. The Congress was evidently hoping to seal a deal with the Samajwadi Party, But thus far the SP hasn’t shown keen interest, evidently sensing widespread disenchantment with the UPA and the risk of teaming up with a discredited political coalition.

That truly is the dilemma that the UPA faces today, its two key constituents coming in the way and blackmailing the way they govern and plan the future, giving them sleepless nights. SP or a BSP on the other hand wont join the UPA because the coalition, as a whole, has  lost its value completely.

Post budget interviews of the Finance Minister saw him blaming the lack of a clear mandate to the UPA and the resulting coalition government that does not provide it much of an elbow room to do things and perform as it should.

Now with Mamata sobering down a little, thanks to the Congress contemplating  bringing SP or BSP into the fold, it’s the right time for UPA to move ahead and bring in bold measures in economy and governance.

Wont be long before the wounded tigress finds her roar again, so hurry up UPA.

Cool, Cool, Kohli !

Srinivas Nyapathy Writes:                                                   March 13, 2012

Srilanka are beaten and handsomely at that ,by India, led by two Delhi boys, Kohli and Gambhir and India seem to be back to their old winning ways . Playing in the sub continent, for the Indians, is like a student writing an exam with the answers in front of him. Two centuries from the top order , a total of 300 plus , an effective and entertaining innings in the slog overs, couple of bowlers also chipping in, to take crucial wickets . Fielding so sharp that you end up thinking, is this the same team, that was in England not too long ago and a few were called “donkeys”, by a mediocre former England captain.

After those stunning catches and ease with which Indian bowlers dominated the Srilankans, I turned to my colleague and said “ Everything goes to a plan, when we play  in the sub continent”, He retorted sarcastically, “even abroad it goes as per plans, but for the opposition..”

While Virat is going from strength to strength, 6 centuries in the last one year, the most anticipated one still deserts India, Sachin’s ton, the Hundredth. Against Srilanka, yesterday,  Sachin got out to a slow full toss, which he completely mis –read, he got out for a meager 6. Times of India / Times Now still carry a news item everytime Sachin goes out to bat and gets out,  that he missed the 100th.  When someone in the top order, gets out for 6 or doesn’t get a hundred in a year, hes not missing a hundred, he’s actually trying to justify his position in the team. Ofcourse in Sachin’s case its different, he’s a legendary batsman, and has played quite a few innings of substance in the last year, though failing to get to that coveted figure.

The rise of Virat Kohli at a time when “The Wall” has called it a day, is very heartening from Indian point of view. Ofcourse, its early to say he belongs to the same league as the Sachin, Dravid and Laxman. In that win against Srilanka Virat Kohli, completed his 10th hundred in 83 ODIs, averaging a sound 48.42.

It also speaks of the young ,  aggressive, Virat Kohli , coming of age as a player, that he scored this hundred immediately after being made the vice captain.Virat being made the vice captiain was something that did not go too well with many experts , who felt its an injustice to senior pro Gautham Gambhir. I am sure when he went out to bat, Virat surely had it at at the back of his mind that he had a thing or two to prove. Prove, he did and the fact  that he partnered with Gauti himself to take India to a massive score shows that these two put the team ahead of themselves and that augurs well for the future.


In the lap of Godavari

Photo: Sohini Chakravorty

Sohini Chakravorty explores the uncharted territory of the scenic Konaseema delta, where the river embraces the sea

Traversing through a fertile region characterised by lush green fields and abundant coconut trees is the silent and mighty Godavari, about to meet the sea — that’s Konaseema for you.

Located in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, Konaseema is still an uncharted territory despite offering an expanse of natural beauty. The unexplored delta region and its surrounding villages have much to offer, but it has not the caught the eye of regular tourist. One reason could be the poor local transport. Without a private cab arranged in advance, backpacking across the region on your own may not be a good idea.

The nearest town from Konaseema is Rajahmundry, which is an overnight journey by train or bus from Hyderabad. A two-hour drive from Rajahmundry will take you to the village of Matlapalem near Kakinada. The Green Valley guest house, built on 80 acres, is an idyllic place to stay. The two-bedroom cosy cottage has a porch with a hammock that faces a huge pond and a bobbing boat which can be taken out for a midnight ride. The restlessness of the fishes in the pond is the only sound breaking the monotony of the silence of the surrounding greenery.

The AP Tourism Development Corporation has the Haritha Coconut Country Resort in Dindi, which is again an hour and half ride from Rajahmundry. The resort has 33 river-facing rooms. Also Konaseema Tourism, a group which actively manages and provides travel packages in the region, has a beautiful resort. The Konaseema Resorts, managed by them, has rooms that kiss the banks of the Godavari. Fishermen out with their nets and locals crossing the river with their bikes mounted on boats are quite an interesting sight from the balcony. The APTDC has also introduced two room houseboats which can be booked for 12 hours.

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