In the lap of Godavari

Photo: Sohini Chakravorty

Sohini Chakravorty explores the uncharted territory of the scenic Konaseema delta, where the river embraces the sea

Traversing through a fertile region characterised by lush green fields and abundant coconut trees is the silent and mighty Godavari, about to meet the sea — that’s Konaseema for you.

Located in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, Konaseema is still an uncharted territory despite offering an expanse of natural beauty. The unexplored delta region and its surrounding villages have much to offer, but it has not the caught the eye of regular tourist. One reason could be the poor local transport. Without a private cab arranged in advance, backpacking across the region on your own may not be a good idea.

The nearest town from Konaseema is Rajahmundry, which is an overnight journey by train or bus from Hyderabad. A two-hour drive from Rajahmundry will take you to the village of Matlapalem near Kakinada. The Green Valley guest house, built on 80 acres, is an idyllic place to stay. The two-bedroom cosy cottage has a porch with a hammock that faces a huge pond and a bobbing boat which can be taken out for a midnight ride. The restlessness of the fishes in the pond is the only sound breaking the monotony of the silence of the surrounding greenery.

The AP Tourism Development Corporation has the Haritha Coconut Country Resort in Dindi, which is again an hour and half ride from Rajahmundry. The resort has 33 river-facing rooms. Also Konaseema Tourism, a group which actively manages and provides travel packages in the region, has a beautiful resort. The Konaseema Resorts, managed by them, has rooms that kiss the banks of the Godavari. Fishermen out with their nets and locals crossing the river with their bikes mounted on boats are quite an interesting sight from the balcony. The APTDC has also introduced two room houseboats which can be booked for 12 hours.

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A treasure house of Telugu songs in Rajahmundry

BVS Bhaskar of the The Hindu Reports

Soothing notes: The ‘Janaranjani' audio library in Rajahmundry. — Photo: S. Rambabu

Soothing notes: The ‘Janaranjani’ audio library in Rajahmundry. — Photo: S. Rambabu
‘Janaranjani’ — an audio library is grabbing everyone’s attention in just one month with hundreds of vintage gramophone records and thousands of cassettes and compact discs. The collection dates back to 1931 when the Telugu film industry was in its nascent stage. 
Goli Saibabu has built up ‘Janaranjani’ painstakingly over the last two decades. In his library, one can find a handbook ‘Janaranjani’ Part-3 ‘Ragam, Tanam and Pallavi’.
“I divided the period of 1931 to 2010 into three parts and started printing the data of Telugu film songs. First, I brought out the third part starting from 1989 to 2005,” says Mr. Saibabu. The book contains the title of the film, year, banner, producer, director, music director, hero-heroine, songs, lyric writer and playback singers. Except dubbing films, all films released in a year are recorded in the book and the same were collected in the shape of gramophone record or cassette or CD. Why did he take 1931 as the benchmark ? The first Telugu talkie ‘Bhakta Prahlada’ was released on September 15, 1931 and was preceded just one month by the Tamil talkie ‘ Kalidasu’. On March 14, 1931 ‘Alam Ara’ the first I ndian talkie was released.
The platinum jubilee of Telugu film industry was celebrated on September 15, 2005, and by that time the industry completed 4,500 films. All songs in these films are published in three parts by Mr. Saibabu’s Lakshmi Prabhakar Publications. He says none in his family was connected to the film industry. It all started as a hobby and the pocket money given by his parents was spent on collecting 2,000 gramophone records and cassettes from 1989. The rest of the two parts (first and second) are under printing and will be released shortly. “I appeal to those possessing old gramophone records or songs to send them to me. They will be preserved in my library on their name. I can distribute songs to any one through memory card or a cell phone.”
Mr. Saibabu’s collection includes K.J. Yesudas’ 360 Telugu film songs which are not devotional or private songs. He plans to publish ‘Ashtapadulu’ – 80 years’ dairy of Telugu films released from 1931 to 2010. His collection includes complete devotional songs of all the singers in Telugu.
‘Janaranjani’ is an audio library with hundreds of vintage gramophone records and thousands of cassettes and CDs

N Ram of THE HINDU visits to Rajahmundry barrage

Shri N Ram’s Visit to Rajahmundry
Photos of his visit to the barrage
 Nyapathy Srinivas, Shri JRK Sarma, Shri Narasimha Rao, 
and BVS Bhaskar of The Hindu sharing a lighter moment 
with Shri N Ram
Pic by Shri Deepak of  The Hindu

With N RAM Of THE HINDU at Rajahmundry

Shri N RAM Of THE HINDU at Rajahmundry, On our visit with him to the Barrage and Museum

My father Nyapathy Narasimha Rao is next to him along with Mr Bhaskar, The Hindu

Wondering why my blog is featuring travel maps ?

This is just to help those who have planned to take the trip by road in their vehicles, from Chennai towards Vizag, as train reservations are tough to get at short notice and buses are not an option.

I have travelled on this sector in my vehicle few times recently.

First time, i went on this route, it was quite an adventure ( read, exciting). I reached Rjy in 8 hours after halts at Nellore and Vijayawada, for tiffin and  lunch respectively.
Roughly 620 Kms, door to door from Chennai to Rjy, the road was a carpet ..hope the rains havent played spoil sport.
Just before touching Nellore ,  we have a Reliance fuel outlet, last time i saw no fuelling in this outlet. But , there is a food plaza connected to it, with decent food. Once you pass this , it will be tough to find another. So, be sure to spot it and take that all important right turn into that outlet, and have breakfast  !!

Also, Check the fuel tanks after / before touching Ongole, you may need to refill…,  for sure we will get only the unleaded version of Petrol and not the BP SPEED or HP POWER on the highway, unless u go into the cities, which you may not want to!
Its imperative that you carry your vehicle’s Andhra Road Service numbers and defintely carryout a check on the car before embarking.

Start early ..Reach early !! Have a great journey !