Its sad, Sachin’s bat has fallen so silent

Srinivas Nyapathy Writes                                                  17 December 2012

The evening Sachin Tendulkar, got out at Nagpur in the 1st innings, ESPN reporter dubbed the evening match report as an Obituary to Sachin’s Cricket Career.  It pains to see, in recent test matches that , R Ashwin at No 8 scores more than India’s No 4, Sachin Tendulkar. That tells you something. Indian cricket cannot afford to carry even  Sir Bradman at No 4 , if hes not performing, its a very critical position to bat at.. The last 10 innings , Sachin has scored a total of 153 runs (avg 15.3). This is the lowest average of any Indian top-order batsman over the last 10 knocks. Pujara averages 79, Kohli 61, Sehwag 40 and Gambhir 27. Dhoni averages 37. Even Ashwin, who bats at No. 8, has scored 303 runs at an average of 38. it’s now 28 innings since Sachin hit his last ton (146 vs South Africa, Jan 2011) – the longest he has gone without a ton.


Sachin, has served Indian cricket very well, perhaps, like no other in history, He’s by far the most talented  batsman in world cricket, who could scale great heights, with 100 centuries to boot, while conquering bad form and injuries. In 2004 while a section of the media and experts made noise about his continuing poor form and questions were raised if he should be axed, he came back with a bang, proving the experts wrong and putting them to great embrassment.


BUT, people who expect a similar turnaround now, should consider that he is nearing 40 and he is having more distractions in his life than ever before.Hes endorsing more products than in 2004, Now hes a Rajya Sabha MP, He is busy receiving honours from countries like Australia, and gracing many a mega event vis a vis Formula 1 , The Wimbledon, All these are taking away his mind and concentration from cricket. It is  showing on the field, and  at Indian cricket’s expense. If he was so keen to continue in Indian Cricket he should then concentrate on Cricket only. He should save the rest for later. But he has not done that. Hes keeping all his options open, and at whose risk ? Are’nt the selectors making a mistake by investing in a non performing, out of sorts , tired and aging Sachin ? The selectors have waited enough for Sachin to know when he should retire, Now its time they tell him.


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