Y S Jagan wins mass base confidence, post trust vote

 Srinivas Nyapathy Writes                    Hyderabad, December 6, 2011  

Dr Rajasekhar Reddy had walked for miles for the cause of farmers. He had signed his first file as Chief Minister on free power to farmers . Like wise, Mr Jaganmohan Reddy had made a bold decision to rally his MLAs against the government, knowing well that the MLAs would be disqualified. “There is a lot of change in the mood of the people from the pre-no confidence motion days to the post-no confidence motion. Earlier, people would come to his rallies to have a look at him as a son of Dr Rajasekhar Reddy and as a young leader who had dared Sonia Gandhi and the mighty Congress.But, now they are coming to him to support him and stand for him as he stood for them,” asserted the party programme committee convenor, Talasila Raghuram, while speaking to The Hans India.

When his father Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh,died in a helicopter crash in 2009, Kadapa MP Y S Jaganmohan Reddy was backed by 150 out of 155 Congress MLAs in the state Assembly for the Chief Minister’s post. Since then, Jagan Mohan Reddy, now the head of his own YSR Congress party has been left with less than 20 MLAs on his side, including his mother Mrs Y S Vijayamma.

In August this year, 24 MLAs from ruling Congress and one each from Praja Rajyam Party and TDP resigned from their posts in support of Jagan,but did not find it wise to stay with him for long and deserted him eventually. When the crucial vote of no-confidence came up in the Assembly yesterday, Jagan’s final tally read 18 with 16 MLAs from Congress and one each from PRP and YSR Congress on his side. For Y S Jagan, who once claimed that  the Kiran Kumar Reddy government was surviving “on my mercy” and would fall at the blink of an eye, it is indeed a mighty lose of face.

After the no-confidence motion against the government was defeated comfortably last night, Jagan did a volte face, he put up a bold face. He conjured up enough confidence to give out a  positive message. Jagan said, “We knew very well that the government wouldn’t fall. We supported the cause (of the farmers). Our MLAs voted against the government knowing fully well that they would face disqualification. Hats off to them,”If Congress disqualifies the 16 MLAs, who voted against the government, by-elections become inevitable. And, as constituencies are in what can be said a strong YSR Congress bastion, Andhra-Rayalaseema region, jagan is in  a good position. Already seven vacancies exist in the House, caused by the death of one MLA and resignation of six others last month, If by -elections are held for these constituencies as they are supposed to, within 6 months, its difficult to see Congress winning  even one seat in Telangana , because of the disgust among the voters in that region vis a vis the Congress mishandling the separate statehood issue and delaying a decision on it.

The prospects are also not very bright in the other parts of the state especially, Andhra and Rayalaseema regions Jagan enjoys support here , for the ruling congress party  this is a very challenging situation and congress has everything to lose.

Already, its own strength has been reduced to just 137 in the 294-member House following resignations and defections by MLAs.However, if  Jagan gets arrested by the CBI in any of the cases it is probing against him, it will open up opportunities for the ruling Congress party. The Congress might well be waiting with their fingers crossed for that to happen. All eyes are on Chief Minister Kiran Kumar, who had however,said that a decision would be taken on the disqualification issue only after the Congress high command gave the green signal.


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