1448 runs were scored. In the end, all that mattered was a “single” !

INDIA Vs WI, MUMBAI, Srinivas Nyapathy Writes,                    27 November 2011

1448 runs were scored in the exciting Mumbai test all that will be forgotten with time; This Test match will be remembered only for that 1 run Ashwin dint take.

India beat the West Indies 2-0, quite comprehensively, in the 3 test series.  Even though the Windies had their moments, they were too few and far in between, really, to write away, the grip Ojha and Ashwin had on their batsmen, sparing none.

Make your debut at home, take 22 wickets, come in at number 7, when the side is up against a near 600 total, score a hundred, while none else could make a hundred in the side, and soothe a million hearts ruing Sachin’s dismissal for 94.  As if all these heroics are not making you think if this is all out of a Tollywood movie, he gets to be the man of the match and man of the series on Debut.

Ashwin Ravichandran, the Indian Spinner, even on debut, does not seem to have lost much sleep over the Windies and has made it a fairy tale debut, stuff dreams are made of, So much at ease was he, that,  he found time and peace to go to Chennai and attend a wedding, a day ahead of the 2nd test, …his own….!

This is one of those series that you would forget,   ( Ofcourse, it would have been different had Sachin got that Hundred in Mumbai ) but for the dramatic last half an hour of play in the last test match at Mumbai. We might forget the runs scored and wickets taken in this series with time, but we would remember and rue, about that 1 run, that was never taken…that left India level the score and draw the Test.

Well Cricket in India, is not all about what you score and wickets you take, its also a lot about what you don’t score..tell Sachin about it !


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