Kushwant Singh praises THE HINDU, deservingly so

Srinivas Nyapathy Writes,                                                  October 22, 2011


In the Opinion » Letters section of  The Hindu of October 18, 2011,  Kushwant Singh, said The Hindu deserves praise for being the most readable and reliable.

The letter as is:::

I go over a dozen morning papers every day.
The only one I read from cover to cover including readers’ letters is The Hindu. I find its news coverage reliable, authentic and comprehensive. I cannot say that about
any other daily, Indian or foreign. It is a pleasure going through its columns: they inform, teach and amuse.
I even wrestle with its crossword puzzle every day. You, Mr. Editor, and your staff deserve praise for giving India the most readable daily in the world.
Khushwant Singh,
New Delhi

Letter Source : Click here

It was a wonderful noble gesture that  Khushwant Singh — the multi-faceted living legend, praised The Hindu, deservingly, for giving us authentic and comprehensive news day after day,The Hindu, is a news paper held in high esteem across the country.

Uproars in Parliament or Assemblies, often witness MPs / MLAs holding up reports that appeared in The Hindu, to prove their point.

Coming from the family of Shri Nyapathy Subba Rao Panthulu, One of the “Tripilicane 6″who had founded THE HINDU, We were proud to install a statue of Shri Panthulu  in our nativeplace Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, last year, at a landmark location and named it  “The Hindu Square” .  Shri N Ram Editor In Chief , graced the unveliling of the statue.

Shri N RAM of THE HINDU at the statue of Andhra Bhishma Shri.Nyapathy Subba Rao Pantulu, in May 2010 at Rajahmundry

It was peak summer , and the unveiling was in the mid noon, inspite of which, people came in droves to witness the unveiling and have a glimpse of Mr Ram.
This speaks volumes of the respect that The Hindu and the people associated
with it, have in public, not only in Chennai and Tamil Nadu, but across the country.

Kudos to The Hindu, once again.


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