“Rang Abhang”, Aruna Sairam’s concert Sizzles

Srinivas Nyapathy Writes                                                  October 24, 2011     

Aruna Sairam’s special concert RANG ABHANG organised at the Music Academy’s main hall on Sunday in connection with the release of her latest CD featuring 7 Abhangs was simply awesome.
Leela Samson, director, Kalakshetra, veteran Tamil cinema director K. Balachander were part of a  small function that preceeded the Concert in which the CD  was released.
Aruna Sairam rendered all the songs figuring in the CD, as well as a few others, in a memorable performance in which the audience also chanted Vittala , Vittala Vittala..along with her.
With an unmistakeable stamp that her concerts have, Aruna Sairam, created wonderful melody to go with her voice by including several North Indian instruments, such as the sitar, harmonium, , tabla, pakhwaj, dholaks, dholki and cymbals as accompaniments along with Carnatic violin, mridangam and ghatam.
Some of the songs in Marathi touched the hearts of the packed audience and moved them spiritually. Compositions by Sant Namdev (‘Teertha Vittala,’ ‘Bhakta Jana Vatsale’); Sant Eknath (‘Majhe Majhe Pandhari,’ ‘Omkaara Swaroopa’); Sant Janabai (‘Dalitha Kaanditha,’ ‘Pandharichya Raaya’) and Sant Samatha Ramadas (‘Kadaakadani’) sung with amazing energy and expressions of great devotion made this one of those concerts that you  rave about.
The compere at the beginning of the concert reffered to the singer as  a Rock Star of  Carnatic Music, some like this writer, couldn’t agree more.



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