Nasser’s “donkeys” kick him out of job

Srinivas Nyapathy Writes                                               September 7, 2011 

Not so surprisingly, Nasser Hussain’s ‘donkey’ jibe at the Indian Fielders  may have cost him a commentary stint in India, according to sources, the Times of India reported.

Neo Sports, the broadcasters for next month’s India-England series in India, have dumped the idea of hiring the former England captain days after shortlisting his name for the series.

Keeping in mind the sentiments of the  cricketers and viewers , Neo Sports has reportedly taken this decision.

The term “donkey” is used in horse racing referring to unsuccessful horses in Britain. It may be recalled that Harbhajan Singh had reportedly called Andrew Symonds a monkey during an on-field spat at the SCG and was considered as a racist remark by match referee Mike Procter.

After Nasser being sidelined and most probably out of contention, Ian Botham and David Lloyd remain in the commentory team.

Neo happen to be the  official broadcasting partner  of the BCCI, which had expressed its displeasure at Hussain’s ‘donkey’ comment targetted at India’s fielders.

Nasser’s jibe follows a war of words on air with Ravi Shastri over DRS , and unwarranted harsh comments on the quality of the Indian team, in  in the on going series. Ian Botham though ecstatic about england claiming the No.1 spot reacted decently to the new found status, Nasser went over board, and ended up calling players from a World Champion side, Donkeys.

Imagine  what he would have thought of the England players when they lost to Ireland and Bangladesh in the World Cup. I hate to think.

Azharuddin, former Indian captain and now a politician, said Hussain should apologise to the team. “There are many ways of commenting, but calling players ‘donkey’ is unbecoming of a player of his stature,” said Azharuddin.

Commentator turned Former Australian batsman , Dean Jones in the recent past has been a casualty of a similar kind when he called  a South African Cricketer “a terrorist”,  on-air. He was sacked by the TV Channel. Now he is relegated to appearing as  “Professor Deano” , on a Indian News Channel, donning clothes that make him look like a joker.

Now, Nasser came close to beating Deano at it, but, even here the Aussie beat him. Deano’s was even worse a comment.


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