Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba Hospitalised… No Danger

TOI, HYDERABAD: Sri Satya Sai Baba was admitted to the Sri Satyasai super-speciality hospital on Monday evening due to ill-health. Doctors said he was suffering from pneumonia and water has entered his lungs. Allaying fears of lakhs of his devotees, J Ratnakar of Sri Satyasai Trust said that Sai Baba was recovering.

Sources said Sai Baba has also developed breathing problems because of severe infection. “But his situation is improving with constant medical attention. There is nothing to worry about his health,” Ratnakar added. adds :
Thanks to R.Satish Naik for this update, (I also want to apologise if there were any mistakes in this email which hopefully will be the last one of ITS KIND.)

Since this happened there were so many phone calls made from all corners of the world enquiring about His health.  The local reporters did come to a consensus that they wouldn’t publish this news as it is a very delicate one and also bit annoying to the millions of His devotees all over the world if they come to know that Swami is hospitalised on health grounds. But due to today’s technological advancement in communication this news was known all over and the local media had to report the news of Swami’s illness and He being admitted in hospital before the news gets diluted and blown out of proportion.
Swami didnt give darshan on the 26th and also on the 27th darshan was cancelled. Every one of us didn’t give much preference as Swami had been coming out for darshan on and off in the recent past This evening, we all thought, Swami will come out for darshan but at around 3.30 pm, Swami’s car drove to the super hospital and the next thing we heard was He has been admitted and doctors were treating Him.
Around 7pm, the local TV channels confirmed that Swami has been admitted in the hospital.According to relaiable sources, and reports from local news channels, Swami is suffering (Swami’s BODY) from Pneumonia and He was given treatment for the same. There were also news that His pulse rate was low when He came to the hospital.
But now because of prayers and wishes of His beloved devotees, Swami is much much better and there is no need to panic any more, even though Swami will be spending the night of the 28th in His hospital.
As I type this email, in the middle of the night, in complete disbelief and dismay, Iam praying the OMNISCIENCE AND OMNIPOTENCE SWAMI for the PHYSICAL BODY of Swami, which is there in the super hospital, to become hail and healthy.
Only our prayers can help Swami to get back to normal.
There are so many countries which have already started chanting Rudram and Gayathri mantra, for Swami to get better at the earliest.
Once again, it is appealed not to give any attention to any rumours and hopefully we will have a good news tomorrow morning.
My Dear Swami, Please get better soon.. we love you so much..




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