India-Pakistan Semi-Final , a possibility

 Srinivas Nyapathy  Writes                                                                 March 21 2011

 If both India and Pakistan win their quarter-finals, the crowd in Mohali could be in for a treat
Theres an intriguing possibility of an India-Pakistan semi-final in Mohali. 
But before that, India will need to get past Australia in Ahmedabad on March 24, while Pakistan will have to defeat West Indies in Mirpur on March 23. 
The result of the last group match also means Sri Lanka will not need to play outside Colombo till the final, if they get that far.
Sri Lanka’s quarter-final will be against England at the Premadasa Stadium,  The winner of that game will play the winner of the third quarter-final in Mirpur, between South Africa and New Zealand. That semi-final will again be played in Colombo. So, India and Sri Lanka have advantage of playing in front of their home crowds.  Imagine a scenario where India plays Pakistan in a world cup semi final in Dhaka .. Oh, Mohali is a blessing !
Having said that, India’s unpredictable  middle order and lack lustre bowling performances so far,  make it difficult to assume, that its going to be an easy one for them at Ahmedabad, against Aussies in the Quarter Final.
 I feel, Pakistan, South Africa and Srilanka will surely and quite effortlessly make  it to the semifinals.

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