Super Sunday !

Ireland earn India’s respect in Bangalore and England win a thriller in Chennai

Srinivas Nyapathy Writes

I am alive to write this, thanks to the effervescence of Yusuf Pathan in a nerve wrecking game against Ireland.

Nerve wrecking not because it was a last over finish or something which it wasn’t, but the way Ireland kept at it. Astounding commitment in the field to support an otherwise mediocre bowling. Especially coming after India’s showing in the field…it looked even better than it actually was.
Sehwag’s luck had to dry up after all that  he had , to survive against England, Ireland’s early break through was to put india on the back foot.
The pitch played slow and India played into Irelands hands….I was dreading to see more Chicken dances from Johnston! 
Gauti has started to look ever so solid for India, whether its opening.. lower down (or even while captaining for that matter) Johnston got him caught for 10 in just 18 minutes at the crease..Just when the partnership was building …!
Fortunately for India he had to go off with an injury. Johnston is Ireland’s most experienced. 
“Inspirational captain of the team in 2007. Like a fine wine he is simply getting better with age – he is fitter than ever and bowling better than ever. Still the ‘talisman’ of the side – When TJ fires Ireland will be hard to beat.”- Kyle McCallan, former Ireland allrounder
India were 43-2 off 10 when Johnston’s figures read 2-16 off 5.. Time for some relief for India as he had to walk off the field in pain..that he never came back to bowl is all about millions of Indian prayers being answered!
As it happens ever so often, Sachin got out to a relatively new leftie spinner  in Dockrell, though he went to Kohli to check out whether to go for refferal or not , we all knew he was gone.
At that point, here’s what , Vivek, a cricket enthusiast on cricinfo commented, “It was nice to see Sachin keep asking Virat “Out hai? Out hai?” before deciding to not to go for the referral. Still a school boy despite being such a legend!” exactly what I felt at that moment..
At 100 for 4 and Kohli Runout..Yuvraj was the only hope to take India to the winning total, in other words play till the end..
I could feel the tension around, especially in the Facebook status messages and comments ..
One could see Indian supporters didn’t expect the turn around fashioned by the irish.
There was panic setting in.
It was around the time  when India were 87/2 (121 runs required from 30 overs, RR: 4.35, RRR: 4.03 ) that my father called me from Rajahmundry..”Whats the score we lost “current” here, SMS and keep updating me with scores..We shouldn’t have lost those wickets” ..a genuine concern from ardent indian fan. 
Later on , after the match, Going back and reading those SMSs..I could feel the tension all over again. The flow of SMSes that I sent my father..
59-2 13ovrs
79-2 18 ovrs
87-2 20 ovrs
87-3 off 20 SACHIN OUT
100-4 23.4 Kohli  Runout
41 0ff 60
167-4 Dhoni in trouble ; Refferal
FOUR: Pathan
SIX: Pathan
SIX again: Pathan
25 needed 0ff 54
A wicket here and it will be even-stevens ..Bhajji it will be and god knows ….
One SIX and 2 more FOURs later India were home, with plenty to spare, it seemed afterall, 4 overs and 5 wickets remaining.
My last SMS to my father read
“WON “
Pathan 25 off 21…
…immediately my phone rang, there was relief and happiness in his voice.. “They played well to win” he added saying..”actually we got “current” few minutes back..but I dint tell u it might go off again..” May be it also had to do with him getting sentimental..all for an Indian win!
For Ireland, their neighbours across the Irish sea, the English men, had it in them to push India to the very brink last Sunday, but Ireland don’t have quite the talent nor the experience that England do. Porterfield rued the “two key moments” where they slipped – O’Brien’s run-out, and his own dismissal when he slapped a Yuvraj Singh straight to cover. “I think those were the two key points where we could have kicked on from the position we were in, but we lost two wickets and that set us back a bit,” he said.
Set back it did, had they gone on, India would have been in some serious trouble.

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