OH ! BRIEN ……!

‘I used to play like that in the garden,’ 
says Ireland World Cup hero
What I wrote after the Ind-Bangladesh match that this is a tough group that India is in , is proved by the fact that Ireland beat England yesterday, England and India tied a few days back. SA was 58 for 2 in 15 Overs against Netherlands, losing Jacques Kallis and Greame Smith any side would be happy with such a performance. But compared to the other group, which has teams like Kenya / Canada..I am sure Pakistan, Srilanka, Australia, New Zealand teams and supporters would have had better sleep once we arrive for the quarterfinal stage. No wonder while we hear of tied matches and upsets from this group ..we hear of hat-tricks repeating for Lasith Malinga and wins with over 200 runs by Pakistan from that group..This is one hell of a week for teams in our group.
England beat india at Benguluru.. wait wait they didn’t beat, but actually Tied the game..
But some reactions to the result of this match, were harsh..Some went to the extent of saying India should pack their bags and return home.
Why should they? 
Is it because they scored 338  the highest in the world cup so far ?
 Is it because Sehwag , India’s opening batsman made a scintillating 175 in the very opening match, needless to say the highest for the World Cup 2011 so far
 Is it Because we have a batsman (read batsmen Sachin and Sehwag ) who has scored most Sixes in the tournament, Or
Is it because unlike many Indian teams before, we fought when Strauss and Bell were making merry, kept at it and brought ourselves back into the match, with a flurry of wickets. From the jaws of certain defeat..even though it was a very unresponsive pitch to bowl ?
England played Ireland on the same ground, where Ireland got 329 with 5 balls to spare and  won the match.. Ireland….329..against England…!!( But for the pressure, if they batted first, may be they would have touched 400..and England would have got it with an over to spare..) So whats the big deal if England makes 338. 
Well these things happen..Zaheer Khan a single short ..that could have  made a difference to the result..may be ..may be not..
If Zaheer khan’s single was proper and counted you should have still asked them to pack the bags ..but you wont have…right? Because we have won the game.. ! So dont just look at the result..look at the game and enjoy it..enjoy cricket ..good cricket..thats what is being played out there…teams , even minnows are fighting tooth and nail against so-called Champion teams..and they are enjoying many moments of glory, under Sub Continent Sun. This is definitely the most gripping world cup of all time with a Tied game so early to boot..2 hat tricks in 2 successive days..300 plus totals coming like 200s and 220 used to before…and 320 plus totals looking unsafe like never before..
THE DAILY TELEGRAPH , Englands premier daily, summarizing India’s chances in this world cup..wrote.. 
Their sole triumph was in 1983. On home soil, they appear favourites, but with that comes inordinate expectation. Can they handle that? They have everything; destructive batsmen, versatile swing bowlers and classy spin options. They also possess plenty of batsmen including Virender Sehwag, Yuvraj Singh and Yusuf Pathan, who can bowl spin.”  
This is exactly what I am saying..inordinate expectations.. One match Ties ..and ..all hell breaks loose…my my.. !! Not that          Mr Dhoni and his team would care a hoot about these comments but it in a way effects the overall psyche !
The next morning newspapers..I was very curious to see how our media would react to this ..loss (loss??!) and I was happy to see that they are much smarter now.
Our guys project Zeroes as Heroes..and soon make these Heroes, Zeroes.. Our team has made such media reporters put their foot in the mouth many a time. The media has learnt its lesson and they reacted very cooly saying that Tie is the right result and India came out from the jaws of defeat with  great fighting spirit, when it mattered !  Only in the last paragraphs there was a small mention of  Indian bowling lacking more sting…another seamer and stuff
I don’t think even Indian bowlers had a bad day ..they did all they can..Its just that they were bowling into a sand dune and the ball was sitting there to be hit..and when that happens against a batting lineup that has Pietersen, Strauss, Bell and Collingwood this is to be expected, they are not a school team that India have lost to , that they should pack their bags..
The T20 format has changed the way Cricket is played.. and this World Cup 2011 is the way it will be played ..The bats will rule this world cup and who’s complaining… SO BE IT !

One thought on “OH ! BRIEN ……!

  1. Completely agree. Today 2 interesting games SA vs Eng and India Vs Ireland (Wasnt so interesting a fixture about a week back). England Vs Ireland was a cracker of a match. Had never heard of Kevin Brian before the match, so what had never heard about tsunami either till it struck. DEVASTATING. While I am still of the opinion that only top 2 minnows should have been allowed in the world cup, there is a lot of talent for the IPL teams to pick up. England had 3 tough matches vs Netherlands, India and Ireland. Have to see how they fare against SA, would love to see them beat SA


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