India “WACKS” Bangladesh in World Cup Opener, Thanks to Sehwag’s 175 , Avenge 2007 defeat !
 Srinivas Nyapathy Writes
India needs to play England , South Africa, Bangladesh, WestIndies, Ireland ( Who had beaten Pakistan in a WC encounter and are a dangerous side ) and Netherlands in their Group B;
While in Group A, a team like SriLanka has relatively lesser pressure, playing against, One of the “weakest ever “Australian sides-all they carry into this world cup from the past glory is nothing other than, perhaps the colour of their clothing. No Warnie guiles, No gilchrist explosives  ( no golf balls either) , No teasing line and length from Glen Mcgrath ( Piegeon droppings ), and then you have 
Canada and Kenya, the less we talk about them the better..we don’t have much to talk about them anyway.. New Zealand ,  a  side which lost 5-0 to India, went to Bangladesh to receive  a 4-0  drubbing ! Ofcourse the only side worth its salt is Pakistan in that group. 
In this context, of being in a tough group India has to take even a game against relatively lowly cricketing side , Bangladesh,  absolutely seriously . Whatsmore  there are experts and fans urging india to avenge the 2007 WC defeat !! 
The pressure only builds for Dhoni’s Team India.
The first ball bowled to Sehwag  had was one ball that was awaited with great  excitement in the subcontinent , ever since  the last ball was bowled in the 2007 WC.
Pitched around off, Sehwag dispatched it  with grand disdain..there was hunger, anger and confidence in that one stroke and India were on their way to making a mammoth 370!
The Bangla Tigers roared in reply , only briefly, and  silently went back to the cage of 2007 , a cage of comfort,for them, where they can again lick their wounds remind themselves of the 2007, flash in the pan and rest in peace ..
Just imagine.. Sehwag having run out Sachin,  goes into the pavilion crossing Sachin’s  record 200, what would Sachin say to Sehwag.. ” #$%^”, “#$%^” typical case of rubbing Salt into the wounds..No wonder he dint cross 200 ! Jokes apart it was Sachin’s error in judgement to have set off for 
that  non-existant single. 
But then it deserves something better than this “Sehwag special” to cross that 200 and snatch it from sachin. This innings wasn’t so blemishless  that it deserves the record.Poetic justice in equalling Kapil Paaji’s best, of 175. 
All said it was wonderful to see the Bangla crowds so excited about their cricket and cricketers…lovely atmosphere..the sounds , the shouts, the posters , the prayers in the stands, so much like back home.

3 thoughts on “Seh’Wacked’

  1. Very good heading to the article. Srinivas garu I still think Aussies are a formidable team. Yes India has tough contenders in their pool like SA and Eng but I think the other group also is equally competetive.

    The point about run out I felt Sehwag was looking at the ball and not Sachin,while it was a close call but had sehwag started the run he could have made it.

    As I said in my post while the matches with the lesser known cricketing nations could be to improve the net run rate, i am not sure how it helps.

    I still think Indian bowling is a bit of a worry.


  2. @Sriram: The way Bangladesh went about the task in first 15 Overs, the ease with which they got the runs and maintained the required rate is scary to say the least. Now, it looks doubtful whether Dhoni would persist with Sreesanth for the England game on the 27th. It might be a little too harsh on Sreesanth to drop him after just one bad day in the office, but then…!

    @Srikanth: Yes Srikanth, Aussies are still very strong and can beat any one comprehensively on a given day..but only that it has weakened considerably from what they were a few years ago. Mathew Hayden, Gilly, at the top of the order..Warne, Mcgrath, Gillespie to attack..

    They would need Ponting and Clarke to play at their best. The Australian team needs a few performances to boost the morale of the side.

    Yes indian pace attack is a bit of a worry indeed.


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