The Indian Rupee symbol

 I had presented my designs for the Indian Rupee to the finance ministry, and missed it all by  just a whisker, it seems.

The design as shown below is very close to the one the ministry has chosen,in terms of the concept and look.

I am extremely happy that i had this great opportunity of working on something as historic as the Indian Rupee Symbol. And to see that the panel has chosen a similar concept and design is thrilling.







The design that i had presented, represents the indian ethos and culture , which is one among others that  finance ministry wanted to see in the symbol , through the use of ancient indian script in the form of letter “Ra”

The significance of using the the letter “ra” is the fact that Rupee or Rupiya start with “R”.

Rs. is already accepted symbol for Indian rupee worldwide, this symbol that i had created takes that into account, as it resembles the english “R” without the vertical line.

This design has to be scribbled quickly and in small sizes in banks , financial institutions
many times each day , it will be scribbled by the  common man every now and then, so it cannot be a complex design, just like a dollar symbol, Or the Euro or the has to be very simple.

All these currencies worlwide that i mentioned, have a english letter.
As this currency symbol would not  be used only in india..but all over the world, should also be taken into consideration how comfortable rest of the world will be, scribbling  this symbol. Just like it would  be difficult to memorise a chinese or japanese script for us who are not familiar with that language and use it when ever needed.

Hence, I felt that a R without the vertical line would do the task  of keeping the english element in the design at the same time looking as the “Ra”  in our ancient indian script.

The 2 horizantal lines on top connotes the steadiness and stability of the currency.  The line below also helps to complete the shape of the “Ra” in ancient script.

As far as the Symbol chosen by the ministry is concerned , but for a little more clarity with the “English R  alphabet ” in the design, which might make it tough for non indians to use it, they have made a good choise in choosing a symbol that connotes the country’s ethos and currency stability.


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