Wondering why my blog is featuring travel maps ?

This is just to help those who have planned to take the trip by road in their vehicles, from Chennai towards Vizag, as train reservations are tough to get at short notice and buses are not an option.

I have travelled on this sector in my vehicle few times recently.

First time, i went on this route, it was quite an adventure ( read, exciting). I reached Rjy in 8 hours after halts at Nellore and Vijayawada, for tiffin and  lunch respectively.
Roughly 620 Kms, door to door from Chennai to Rjy, the road was a carpet ..hope the rains havent played spoil sport.
Just before touching Nellore ,  we have a Reliance fuel outlet, last time i saw no fuelling in this outlet. But , there is a food plaza connected to it, with decent food. Once you pass this , it will be tough to find another. So, be sure to spot it and take that all important right turn into that outlet, and have breakfast  !!

Also, Check the fuel tanks after / before touching Ongole, you may need to refill…,  for sure we will get only the unleaded version of Petrol and not the BP SPEED or HP POWER on the highway, unless u go into the cities, which you may not want to!
Its imperative that you carry your vehicle’s Andhra Road Service numbers and defintely carryout a check on the car before embarking.

Start early ..Reach early !! Have a great journey !


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